Try This Simple Plan For Making $20,000 With Holiday Lighting Installation

If you're trying to figure out how you're going to survive financially this coming holiday season, I'll let you know now it doesn't have to be that tough. There are some answers out there and many of them are better than others. I'm going to give an example of how you can turn a small investment in a part-time business into a seasonal cash cow.

Here's a secret for you, the holiday season never stops; even in a depression. Sure, spending might slow down a bit; but the truth is people save all year to enjoy their Christmas. One thing that many people continually enjoy is the festive holiday lighting. The majority of people you know may string their own lights but I'm going to tell you right now that not all of them do.

I'm an incredibly busy guy. I'm also not that fond of manual labor. I calculated what I make a month against what I would lose in the event of an accident; say, falling from my roof. I'll tell you right now I can pick up the phone and make an appointment and have a local guy come out and do a much better job. My wife and kids will be happy, I will be happy and a few hundred dollars later my installer will be happy as well.

Here is a plan for you to think about if you want to bring your family some holiday cheer this year.
Let's say you worked solidly for eight weeks with only one installation package valued at a measly $300.

You canvassed your town, placed ads in the local papers and called all the stores in the area. You started conducting estimates early and found that you could sell 50% of them. Remember, you're looking at a basic installation of only $300. Many people spend more than that when trying to install Christmas lighting themselves.

At that price, you start scheduling two jobs a day in advance. If you take the time to learn how to do this right, this simple basic package could land you $20,000 before the holidays are over.
If you take the time to study the commercial Christmas light installation business you will understand more clearly why this industry brings in over $200 million a year. You can have a piece of that cash flow if you're willing to follow a smart strategic plan.

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