Christmas Holiday Lighting Business Can Lead to Big Profits

Let me ask you a simple question; if you could bring in $20-$30,000 in two months every year, would you take the time to learn how to do that? There are many contractors, landscape designers and painters who're currently doing just that with a side business they conduct just three months out of the year.

You may not reach that level right away unless you have the infrastructure already in place but some new Christmas holiday lighting business owners are already seeing $20,000 from last year's business. If you remember, the Christmas holiday season was supposed to be terrible last year.
What we have noticed it is that people want their holiday spirit. You might be thinking that everyone in your neighborhood does their own lights, but you may not be right about that. It may give you an example. I've watched several well-to-do homes in my area lit up bright the Rockefeller Center Plaza on Christmas Eve. Every year our family drives through the neighborhood and enjoyed the light show.

When I first started investigating this business I thought that doing this much work to make a spectacular looking Christmas light display couldn't possibly be a profit making venture. On closer inspection was I ever surprised! Several of my older neighbors no longer install their own lights. One reason above all was safety. They wanted to see many more Christmases!

No one likes the idea of a 70-year-old climbing onto the roof of his house every year to conduct a spectacular Christmas light display. Yet many elderly folks want to have their display that they've been putting up year after year and are willing to pay someone good money to do it.

There are of course things to consider when starting your Christmas light design and installation business. You'll want to get the best training possible to make the experience for you and your customers the best it can be. You'll need to learn the tricks of:
- lighting design
- display lights
- tools and supplies
- decorating techniques
- proper maintenance
- utilizing manpower
- appropriate marketing techniques
- customer service and business practices

This unique field is not for everyone but if you have the drive and willingness to learn this trade, you can transition your Christmas light decoration business from seasonal to a year-round range of services for your clients. What are you waiting for?

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