Honest Review Of Cashing In On Christmas By Tanner Larsson

It is rare that we review or recommend any products that have anything to do with making money online or home based businesses. The market is just flooded with get rich quick schemes and snake oil salesmen that promise easy riches but the honest truth is that most of these guys make their money selling get rich quick schemes and the like.

The industry is just flooded with books that promise big money for little or no work and the simple truth is that it takes work to make money. Most of the websites that you visit with these screen shots of boated bank accounts and huge checks are either photoshop fakes or the money was made doing something other than what theyre trying to sell you.

The exception to the rule that we have made here on Consumer Products Overview is in a system called Cash in on Christmas. We were really excited when we found this book or business plan because it was so different than all the other junk out there. It was an actual business plan with all the information that you would need to start your own Christmas light installation business. Pretty dang clever, dont you think?

The thought of bringing happiness and joy to people around Christmas time while being able to make some really good money just seems like a great idea. We could imagine ourselves ramping things up in October or November as the holiday season approached and we got things in place for Christmas. Maybe a few flyers or Craigslist ads or even a mailer sent to some of the neighborhoods in our area in addition to some of the other advertising ideas that are in Cash in on Christmas and we were sure that we could make enough money to make it worth our while.

If you havent checked out the graphics for the promotional materials that come with Cash in on Christmas you really should. Top notch stuff thats all done for you so all you have to do is take it to the printers or print it out yourself and your advertising is done. The stress of coming up with a nice design that is going to look professional is all done for you ahead of time.

Upon further investigation though we realized that Cashing in on Christmas was more than just a turn key plan for a nice little side business. Oh, sure it is definitely suited for folks who have a landscaping business or dog walking business or other service business that deals with home services but the amount of money that can be generated by using the plan in Cashing in on Christmas is just sick!

Now, while the amount of money you make does depend upon how hard you work and how much of the work you do yourself we can easily understand how someone could turn the business plan in Cashing in on Christmas into their primary source of income. You could work your tail off over the holiday season and make enough money to easily glide through the rest of the yearthat is, if youre good at budgeting your money. Well all have heard stories of people who hit the lottery for a million bucks and then are filing bankruptcy a year later!

Overall, we have to say that Cashing in on Christmas is a resource that we would recommend to anyone and one that we ourselves look forward to implementing in our own lives very soon. We have no doubt that this is not a rip off or scam and its pretty much a no brainer when it comes to knowing that this is a solid business model that could be not only profitable but fulfilling emotionally.

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Scam Review Of Christmas Kings By Bill Tincu

Product Overview

Want to earn money before Christmas? Well, the Christmas Light Hanging Business may just be the seasonal business for you. Through this business youy can earn anywhere from $20,000 to $90,000 in the run-up to Christmas. To learn the ins and outs of this profitable business you only need to follow the steps provided in The Christmas Light Business Start-Up Package and Training Video. This kit contains everything you need to know to run your very own successful Christmas lights hanging business.

What You Get

This Business Start-Up Package contains all the tricks and tips you need to provide, design, install, and remove all Christmas Lights and decorative items for commercial and residential properties. While the Training Videos offer a step-by-step guide in building your business and making it grow. It provides valuable information on Tools & Equipment, Marketing, Customers, Installation of C7/C9 Lights, Mini-Lights, and Icicle Lights. It also contains Customer Testimonials and Additional Useful Information.

Person Behind It

The Christmas Light Business Start-Up Kit and Training Video were developed by Bill Tincu. In 1997, Bill started hanging Christmas lights in his own home, but soon enough he found that his neighbors also wanted to hang Christmas lights in their own homes but they were too busy to do so. In no time, they were paying him significant amounts of money for installing Christmas lights in their homes.

He founded Christmas Kings because of his desire to let people know what a great opportunity installing Christmas lights is. He developed the start-up kit and training video in the hopes of properly training and equipping other individuals to make money out of seasonal lighting. This training module will enable anyone to offer lighting for residential and commercial customers, private parties, weddings, landscaping and holiday lighting.


The Business Start-Up Package comes with a 60 day money-back guarantee, if for some reason you are not satisfied with the product, you can simply return it and get your money back without any questions asked.

What I Like

I like this product because it takes the guesswork out of the Christmas Lights Hanging Business. With the help of the Start-Up Kit and the user-friendly and easy-to-understand Training Videos one can never go wrong in this business. This product keeps people who are new in the business from making costly mistakes.

What I Don't Like

Because it contains almost all the information and knowledge that Bill learned throughout his many years in the business I find some of the topics, especially those dealing with the technical aspects of the business, quite complicated. But I guess I’m just too excited and want to know everything at once. I know I have to start with the basics and I can move on to these topics once I get used to this business.

Do I Recommend It?

Of course, I recommend it! At this time when everybody is suffering from the effects of the financial crisis wouldn’t it be great to get into a business that would not only allow you to earn good money but would also allow you to bring joy to people when they see your work?

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How To Make Profit From Christmas Light Installation Business

According to several sources, the Christmas Lighting industry has had an amazing 1000% increase in growth over the last 10 years! I have been in this business for over seven years. I saw it when it was small and have seen it grow exponentially! Also, residential homeowners as well as commercial and professional business owners spend over a billion dollars each Christmas season for this service and its associated products. And, with the Christmas lighting industry being fairly new, this quite possibly will be the perfect ‘add-on' service to your existing business. It is also the perfect business that can earn you enough in 90 days so you can either take the rest of the year off or run another seasonal business during the other
9 months of the year.

As a general rule, the installation season begins in early October focusing mainly on commercial properties. This is when you will start to look for leads and begin your installations. The season ends in mid to late January when you've finished taking down all the lights from your clients' homes and businesses.

Christmas light installation businesses can make more than $1000 per day per work crew during the season. Well-organized installation crews can make more that $2000 per day. It is also not uncommon for installers to earn upwards of $3000 in a single day when installing larger residential and commercial jobs. I recently managed to get a lighting contract with a local hotel. The quote I gave was for $3200. My light costs were $600 and I paid my 2 employees $160 each for an 8 hour day. Do the math. At the end of the day, I had over
$2000 cash profit in my back pocket and a huge smile on my face!

A smaller Christmas light installation business can easily expect to earn more than $20,000 in their first year of hanging lights as long as they have a solid business plan. Try to begin with the end in mind. I know of many midsize Christmas light Installation companies that make between 100 and 150 thousand dollars each year - in only 90 days! There is a ton of money to be made in this industry. You are providing an essential service that people will use year after year.

This Holiday light industry is the perfect add-on for seasonal businesses like, construction workers, window cleaners, junk removal services, landscape architects, painters, roofers, and framers. The main thing that attracted me to this industry is the fact that this business is extremely low risk. I have been able to use my current client database to create leads and get contracts. I have also been able to keep my employees during this season whereas in other years, I have had to lay them off and often they never came back because they found other work! This business changed all that!

The Holiday Lighting industry is one of the fastest growing service industries in the
United States, Canada, and the UK! Each year, the demand for this service increases. For some reason everyone wants to outdo their neighbors with a bigger and brighter display of lights. In a recent study, it was shown that the thing that people despised most about the holiday season was putting up the Christmas lights. People want the Christmas spirit without the hassle of putting up their own lights. This is where you come in and cash out!

This wonderful business opportunity is now more popular than ever and you are a part of it! The biggest benefit you have is the fact that this industry is still relatively young. It's new and you got in on the ground floor at the beginning. That means there is a ton of room for growth. There is also room for small business owners, like you, to make a ton of money in a short period of time. It's going to be some work, but once you get rolling, you are going to look back and think that taking the first step was the best decision you could have ever made.
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How To Earn Money With Holiday/Christmas Lighting Business

In my experience, I would say that most Holiday lighting companies are small (2-4 employees) and only have the ability to handle a limited amount of customers each year.

Once some installation companies establish core clients after their first year, many of them don't even market. Their business comes from previous jobs or referrals from current clients, which usually is made up of neighbors, family and friends.

Each holiday season, you will find that more calls come in than can ever be fulfilled. I have found this to be a very common complaint from Christmas lighting installers: too much business! I can't think of any other industry that has a problem turning down customers!
During the first week of December, things get really busy any calls start pouring in. I have found myself telling people that I can't leave my house for less than a minimum of $400. Lighting services are in such demand that people are really willing to pay an arm and a leg to have it done.

Growth is the goal and most important aspect to your new business. Be careful though because you don't want it to grow so quickly that you find yourself overwhelmed. This will only lead to a series of problems that will have a negative impact on your business. Don't bite off more than you can chew. Only make commitments that you can keep. Never say you will do something and not follow through. Your reputation is your most valuable asset and you should protect it at all costs.

Take this business one job at a time and don't be afraid to tell a client that you are booked.
Things tend to get very busy and there is only so much you will be able to handle on your own. It may be hard at first to turn down jobs, but be aware that there is always next year.
Keep a database of names, numbers, and email addresses. Even if you don't get to them this year, you will be able to contact them earlier in the season next year to ensure that they become a client.

Make sure that you take down as many details as possible about your clients and contacts. Names, phone numbers, addresses, email addresses, how they found you, job description, and price quote are all important to have in a database. The more organized you keep your business, the more efficient you become and the more profits you make.
You should have a good handle on your strengths and weaknesses as a worker and a business owner. If you don't, you will soon learn them.

Owning a business will teach you a lot about yourself. By knowing your skills and what you bring to the table, you will be able to take advantage of many opportunities that will make your business as efficient as possible.
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How To Make Money With Hanging Christmas Lights?

Each year, people spend over 400 million dollars on lighting services over the holidays. Over the last 10 years, the industry has grown tenfold. The beauty of the Christmas Light installation industry is that virtually anyone can do it. No prior business knowledge is required. I know high school students that make $12,000 or more in just 60 days. I believe that anyone can make at least $20,000 in the 60 days leading up to Christmas. Great installers earn over $100,000 during the Holiday season. What the industry offers is an easy to start business opportunity. Most aspects of the business are already taken care of and all you have to do is follow the steps that I outline in this business kit. It is an extremely simple operation to learn and apply. You can do it. Yes, you.

Hanging Christmas Lights is a solution to the dull 9-5 job. This business lets you be your own boss, work for yourself, and determine your own schedule. With over 7 years of industry experience, I have created a realistic business opportunity that has proved to be a success with anyone who takes the principles and applies them.

In this industry, you are simply selling a service that includes the installation and removal of Christmas lights on residential and commercial buildings and landscaping. Can it get any easier than that?

The difference that you make in this business is how you choose to sell your services. Many Christmas lighting companies differ in how they sell their service. Some companies only sell the installation service requiring customers to provide the materials while others provide the work with no warranty. Other full-service companies offer to provide the lights, do the install, give a warranty for the season and provide a take—down service at the end of the season.

I have found that the service that works best is one that combines all these variables together. I have built my business model on this principle. It is a model that that provides the lights to the customer, offers an installation before Christmas and removal of the lights in the following January.

Some Installation businesses offer to lease the lights to the client and then store them for the rest of the year. I don't recommend this model unless you have a huge garage or want to pay heavy costs to rent a mini-storage to keep your clients lights for the other 9 or 10 months of the year.
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Christmas Light Installation Business - A Lucrative business opportunity

Christmas Light Installation is a business opportunity for anyone that is interested in making money fast. Whether you're looking for some extra money for Christmas gifts, a new job, a way to get out of debt or just a chance to own your own business, this kit is for you.

It doesn't matter at what stage you are in life or what your financial or educational Background is;  this business kit can be your fast-track to financial freedom. I constantly receive emails from satisfied readers about how this business kit has helped start a successful Christmas Light Installation business or even help them increase revenue year after year.

I think it's a great fit for any of these people:
- Seasonal business owners (Construction workers, framers, painters, landscapers, pool cleaners, window cleaners etc.)
- People with no prior business knowledge
- Aspiring small business owners
- College and University graduates
- High school students
- Fund-raisers for community groups and sports teams

As you already know, this is a seasonal business, so you have the opportunity to make quite a bit of money in a short period of time. That leaves you with the rest of the year to live how you choose. I usually take four months off to travel and then run a landscaping business in the summer. You, however, can do whatever you want!

This is a great business for many reasons. I believe that Holiday lighting will not only help you earn the amount of money you need to live a healthy lifestyle, but will give you the independence to and the self confidence to do anything in life that you put your mind to.

I am living proof that the information contained in these pages works. It is tried, tested, and holds true. The ideas in this business kit will not make you a millionaire overnight. Chances are, it will never make you a millionaire. What it can do, however, is help you obtain a comfortable lifestyle with the freedom and confidence to live your life as you choose.

These are the aspects of the job that got me interested in the first place:
- It's a simple, structured business model that is easy to follow
- It's one of the fastest growing service industries in Canada and the United States
- It's an easy-to-follow system
- It's an opportunity that's available now with minimal start up costs

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