Looking To Make Christmas Cash This Year? Let Me Show You How

Looking to make Christmas cash this year? Christmas lighting installation businesses can do just that. This multi-billion dollar industry has flown well below the radar for many decades. There are companies making over $1 million each season just from putting a lot of pretty lights around homes and businesses.

Learn from the experts before you get started.
I can't overstate this enough; learn how to do this the right way from the beginning and you will profit tremendously. There is very little time before the season starts, so get online find a reputable trainer or mentor who actually does holiday lighting installation for living. They will save you many headaches and make you a lot of money.

Work on your own home or that of a friend for experience.
However, everything you learned to practical application on your home. Get the tools and the lighting and learn by doing. If your living space is not appropriate, find a friend who has a home and is linked decorated for free this holiday season.

Offer a killer discount for the first five sign-ups.
This business costs very little to start up although it can pay you a six-figure salary in no time flat. It all starts with the first few set of houses so invest in your customers and give them a nice discount for jumping in early. Remember, they trust you to do a great job even though you're new at this.

Get your marketing done early.
Remember the season starts earlier every year. Don't wait until Halloween to order your supplies and market your business; just close your window of opportunity and drastically reduced your own profits.

Take many pictures.
Every home that you decorate should be photographed. Handout permission slips along with the bill. Get a website and a photo album and place the pictures on both.

Don't leave a job without an endorsement.
Never leave a satisfied customer without an endorsement. When you ask them how they feel about the job and they describe it in positive detail, ask them if you can quote them on that. Take out your voice recorder and have them repeat their statement.

Get some referrals from your existing customers.
Once you're done send him a thank-you card. If you're not already booked up for the season, call them up and ask them if they know their neighbor.

There is absolutely no doubt that this business can make you a lot of money if you do it right. Take the time to learn from the best in the holiday lighting business. Take the guesswork out of getting started and move up on the fast track to bringing in a lot of Christmas cash.

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