Create Insane Profits in Your Own Christmas Light Installation Business

If you're self-employed in the contracting field, you know that the winter months are usually reserved for catching up on your television viewing. If you are smart and socked away as much as you could during the regular season, you might coast through Christmas and New Year's on your savings.

I discovered something amazing a few years ago that made all the difference in how I looked at the holidays. If you know anything about the window cleaning business, it's very much like landscaping and painting contracting businesses. In the wintertime, there's usually not much work to look forward to. Sure, there are a few loyal customers will want something done but your chance to make a killing for the holidays is very slim.

That's all changed now after taking the time to do some research on the Christmas light installation business. This growth industry has weathered the worst recession in modern history and is still growing by leaps and bounds. Every year businesses and homeowners are hiring experts to handle the job of outdoor lighting during the holiday season.

They are doing this for any number of reasons; chief among them time and safety concerns. Affluent homeowners are now competing with each other with elaborate Christmas light displays. Elderly homeowners who wish to continue their traditions are hiring professional installers to do the job rather than risk injury or electrical mishaps.

Some Christmas lighting installation owners have been so successful at this that they are now booked way in advance of the season and even make themselves available for special events year-round.

So what does it take to get into the Christmas light installation business? Some people have started on a small budget, using their existing equipment and buying supplies as they need it. Because this is a cash business, they've been able to canvass prospects, set appointments and use their immediate income to fund the business.

There are easy ways and difficult ways to make this unique business opportunity work. Successful Christmas light installation operators have taken the time to study the business and learn the tips and tricks necessary for avoiding problems and creating immediate profits.

Without this knowledge, the learning curve can be quite steep. Many have avoided the outrageous franchise fees in favor of the more common sense home study courses that allow them to get quickly up to speed and manage their own business.

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