How to Decorate a Christmas Tree Elegantly

How to Decorate a Christmas Tree Elegantly

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When Christmas comes around, we all look to get the largest and best tree to decorate. A real tree is usually the best, but you will have to make sure that it is shaped properly, to enable you to decorate it and have it look elegant and outstanding.


  1. Pick your tree. Some people prefer the look and smell of a real tree, others like the reliablity of a fake one. Other traditional alternatives are feather trees and tinsel trees, feather trees dating back to the late 19th century and tinsel trees to the mid 20th century. They can have a lot of old-fashioned charm, however, they may not work with all decor.
  2. When buying a real tree, make sure you see the tree out of its netting. Look for a full tree with evenly spaced branches and a symmetric, tapered shape. Get a tree that still has the tips of its branches intact. A sheared tree is cheaper, but it looks less natural and will have more loose needles.
  1. Get a Christmas tree stand with the deepest water reservoir you can find.
    • Another way to keep a tree fresh is to put it in a bucket of water. You can use bricks to lift the tree high enough so that the bucket doesn’t interfere with the lower branches.
    • Make sure the tree is securely wedged into position.
    • Add the water only after the tree is in place.
    • Cover the stand or bucket with a brightly colored throw or scarf.
  2. Buy white or off-white lights, that do not play music or flash.
    • Either incandescent or LED lights are fine, but get small ones, as their purpose should be to accent the ornaments, not be ornaments themselves.
    • Hang the lights from top to bottom, pushing them partway into the branches to hide the cord.
    • Use them sparingly and space them evenly.
  3. When selecting ornaments, avoid using anything with too much glitter.
    • If you use tinsel, use sparingly and add each strand separately, making sure each hangs straight down. Or try metal or glass icicles instead of tinsel.
    • Plain balls are another traditional, elegant ornament shape.
    • For a truly minimalist look, use only white or silver ornaments. Otherwise use a simple color scheme or use color sparingly.
    • If you use ornaments other than glass balls, find a theme such as birds, antique toys, boating, etc.
    • Ornaments can make a tree individual and personal. A collection might take a few years to acquire, but you can use your imagination.
    • You can even use things that aren’t strictly for the tree.
    • Candy and other treats are a traditional addition and is popular with kids.
    • Also try natural objects, like pinecones and fruit.
  4. To really make a statement about your Christmas tree, start with the most important ornaments.
    • Then hang the largest ones, spacing them evenly apart.
    • You will then want to fill in the spaces with any medium and small sizes to balance the overall look of the tree.
    • Don’t forget the bottom! You can add more depth by hanging ornaments closer to the trunk. And use an interesting variety, there are so many fabulous ornaments for sale now so be sure to get some including icicles, teardrops, squares, triangles. A little variety can really separate your tree from the rest.
  5. Place ornaments and other decorations 'inside' your tree as well as on the tips of branches, to add depth and interest.



  • Place your tree close to a window. This will help add a Christmas cheer to the outside of your house
  • You do not have to use every decoration. Sometimes less is more. Don't worry about offending 'Aunt Mary'; she probably won't even notice.
  • Buy ornaments for next year after Christmas, when they’re cheapest.
  • Have your children make something for the tree. You can even look up elegant homemade ornament ideas on wikiHow.
  • If you are worried about using a real tree because of the tendency to shed needles, keep the tree well watered and keep it indoors for a minimum of time.
  • If you are worried about using a real tree because of the environmental effects, remember that most trees are farmed, and are not coming from wild areas. You can also sometimes find trees that are thinnings from powerline ways and other areas that are going to be cut and unused otherwise. Also, consider a live potted tree.
  • Other alternatives to plastic trees are feather trees and tinsel trees. Many people think they have an old fashioned, antique charm. Old ones can be quite expensive.
  • After the holidays, many areas offer special services that will remove your tree to have it chipped and composted. Ask your local city government about this.
  • For those very special ornaments, put the ornaments in boxes so they won't break when you store them away for the year.


  • A bucket of water (in addition to the bricks) is very heavy and should hold a fairly tall tree, but if it seems unstable or your tree is very tall you may need a proper stand.
  • Some of the better ornaments are breakable. Don’t hang them on weak branches, branches low to the ground (especially if you have children or pets) or too close to the edge.
  • Christmas trees are known to catch fire. Don't use a massive amount of lights, and don't use a real tree in dry areas.

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